The Best Miracle Night Cream - Try this Anti-Ageing Award Winner

Manuka Doctor’s award-winning Overnight Lavender Mask is Tried, Tested and Loved by a growing army of satisfied customers.

"Great results...easy to use...smooth it on before bed and wake up to smooth, refreshed skin. The lavender also helps me sleep as a bonus."
Sue T

The Manuka Doctor Overnight Mask is a lavender-scented, ‘leave-on’ gel mask. Not only does it help reduce dark circles and under eye bags, it also brightens a dull complexion and helps you relax for a restful night’s sleep. What better way to start the day than waking up with visibly hydrated, noticeably smooth, luminous skin. Manuka Doctor Overnight Lavender Mask contains lavender oil to help you relax and promote a restful night’s sleep. It’s also packed with safe, skin friendly natural ingredients.

This hard-working formula contains glycerin and albizia julibrissin bark to help reawaken tired, dull complexions, while nopal plant helps speed up your skin’s natural exfoliation process to regenerate new skin. The Manuka honey and hyaluronic acid boost skin hydration, increase the firmness and refine the appearance of any fine lines and wrinkles.

Author and Skincare Expert Abigail James is a firm believer in the power of Mānuka honey.

“I have long been a fan of the power of nature...Honey and skin-healing go back centuries. I have used honey in natural face masks at home and in the treatment room.”

With Manuka Doctor’s Overnight Lavender Mask in your bathroom cabinet, brighter eyes, a rejuvenated complexion and younger-looking skin are always just a sleep away.

"Smells fresh and the lavender aroma certainly helps my sleep. It’s easy to apply ... in the morning my complexion is clear and bright and my cheeks appear plumped. A wonderful product."
Patricia C

Not only is the Overnight Lavender Mask a firm favourite with experts and customers alike, it was also voted 'Best Night Cream' by Sunday Mirror Notebook readers.

The Notebook Beauty Awards are truly unique, both in their focus on anti-ageing products and for remaining 100% independent. Each year 700 women give up their own time to test the latest skin care products and give their personal feedback on what they honestly think and feel about them. The only way you can possibly win a Notebook Beauty Award is to create a fantastic anti-ageing product that Notebook readers love using.

"This cream blew the competition out of the water, with testers loving the immediate as well as the long term effects. Words like fresher, radiant and glowing came up over and over, as well as that holy grail of night cream compliments: just not looking so darn tired."
The Mirror.

So if it’s a fresh face plus a good night’s sleep that you’re after, try the Overnight Lavender Mask today!