For Authentic New Zealand Manuka - Look For The FernMark

We are thrilled to announce that Manuka Doctor is now part of the prestigious New Zealand FernMark Licence Programme.

The Programme is a Government initiative to support true Kiwi brands exporting quality products around the world. Each eligible business on the Programme is provided with a Licence to carry our international symbol of trust, our trademark silver fern, the FernMark.

The Silver Fern is one of New Zealand's most recognised, long-standing, and respected national symbols.

Since the late 19th Century the silver fern has been worn with pride by our sports teams, with honour by our soldiers and used to represent New Zealand all over the world.

But why is the Silver Fern so special?

Māori hunters and warriors would use the silver underside of the fern leaves to find their way. When bent over, the fronds (large leaves) would catch the moonlight and illuminate a path through the forest.

Today, the Silver Fern is still guiding the way, just as it has for over 150 years.

The New Zealand Government and businesses such as Manuka Doctor have helped grow the FernMark into a recognisable and valuable icon. Tourism New Zealand and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise have also adopted the Silver Fern as the country of origin symbol for New Zealand.

To carry the FernMark a business needs to show that they reflect the essence of the country by being registered in New Zealand, compliant with all New Zealand laws and relevant regulations and have a substantial level of New Zealand ownership, governance and full time employees. We are proud to say Manuka Doctor meets all of these criteria to be a registered FernMark brand that you can trust.

In addition, every one of our Manuka honey products under the FernMark Licence Programme has been assessed on whether it meets the minimum requirements for being made, grown or designed in New Zealand.

The FernMark is just the latest standard which our Manuka honey is guaranteed to meet.

To read more on the quality standards our honey is checked against, including the MPI definition, multifloral or monofloral and MGO levels, head on over to this blog which explains more about the testing and science behind our Manuka honey.