How does Manuka Honey taste?

Manuka Doctor honey is thicker than table honey, darker and more creamy.

It has a natural level of sweetness with a slight woody taste due to the high level of phenolic acids which are antioxidants.

Unlike more common table honey, it is not runny. In fact if you removed the lid and turned the pot upside down, the honey would likely stay inside the jar it is so thick!

You can gently warm Manuka honey so it drizzles more easily, but not too much, as overheating or boiling the honey can damage some of its properties.

Because it is naturally sweet, this makes Manuka Doctor honey the perfect recipe ingredient to include in cereals, toppings or dressings.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of our customer reviews:

“I have been using Manuka honey for many years and believe this is the best tasting Manuka honey I have tasted and purchased at a reasonable price.”
Thea L
“Intense, delicious flavour, not too sweet”
Caroline F.
“First time I’ve purchased this honey and it taste really nice, thick and smooth”
Eric W.

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