Manuka Honey: Supported by Dr Hilary Jones

Dr Hilary Jones recommends Manuka Honey

We are pleased to be working with Dr Hilary Jones, UK Television GP and health expert for more than 20 years.

Dr Jones told us he is a big fan of Mānuka Honey and recommends Manuka Doctor Honey this winter.

"I recommend this Mānuka Honey for coughs, colds and an immunity boost."
Dr Hilary Jones

Last November in our customer survey a massive 81 percent of people surveyed said they felt better from taking Mānuka Honey (513 out of 630) and when asked what the main reason was for you to take Mānuka, a huge 90 percent of you (571 out of 630) gave a health-related reason. You can read more about the Mānuka survey results here.

At this time of year many people are keeping their cupboards stocked with a pot of Manuka Honey. You can read more about what other cupboard staples can be used as part of a diet overhaul this January. Guest contributor, Charlotte Haigh, discusses ways to get creative with cupboard superfoods in this article.

Honey was also recently recommended for coughs by Public Health England. Last August, advice published by NHS watchdog NICE and Public Health England, confirmed what many of us had known for years, that honey and lemon should be the first line of treatment for patients with a cough.

"In the committee's view, taking a spoonful of honey or a honey and lemon drink is a good first step a person can take for self-treatment for a cough. Honey is a natural remedy which has been tried and tested for generations. Some people really believe in its benefits. We believe it is one treatment option which could be used by people in the first instance to reduce cough. A trial suggests honey can reduce the severity and frequency of cough after a day but doesn't have a significant effect on sleep quality for parents and children.
Dr Tessa Lewis, NICE

You can read more information on using honey for coughs here.