Meet the team on International Women’s Day

This week is International Women's Day (March 8th 2022).

A global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, and a call to action for accelerating women's equality.

Part of the mission of IWD is to ‘forge inclusive work cultures where women's careers thrive and their achievements are celebrated’.

To support this mission, our blog today is dedicated to some of Manuka Doctor’s female staff who do an amazing job behind the scenes to help get your favourite products into your hands.

So let’s meet the team:


As anyone who’s taken in a large delivery will agree, Manuka honey is heavy!

That’s why our warehouse team use a lot of advanced racking and forklift trucks to help us manage our precious stock.

Laura is a valuable member of the busy Warehouse team with a very varied role.

As regular customers will know all Manuka Doctor honey is packed in our New Zealand facility before being placed into a container and shipped across the ocean to the USA.

Part of Laura’s role is to help us unpack containers and see which MGO strengths our bee-keeping team in New Zealand has managed to harvest and pack.

Finally, when the products are ready to go. Laura helps select and pack your order ready for same-day dispatch.

So the next time you’re pleased at how fast your parcel has arrived – it’s Laura and her colleagues who you really need to thank.


Even though Manuka honey is one of the fastest growing natural wellness trends, there are many people who haven’t yet tried it.

That’s why Leanne’s role is so important. Visiting events, roadshows and stores to sample Manuka Doctor honey and give people their first taste of the Real Deal.

As part of our Customer Service Team Leanne is constantly on the road meeting new people and spreading the word about Manuka Doctor honey.

Many customers may have spoken to Leanne already, because when she’s not on the road sampling she also helps answer customer queries via our care line and email.

If you see her out and about, either stores or in your local mall, be sure to say hi.


Claire is one of our longest serving team members and part of our Marketing Department.

It’s Claire’s job to ensure that our skincare and supplements products truly deliver on their promise.

Whether that’s running clinical trials, creating new formulations, or making our packaging more environmentally friendly and sustainable, Claire has a hugely broad role in product development.

Thanks to Claire and her Team’s work on our award winning formulations, the Manuka Doctor skincare and supplements ranges remain category champions and 5-star reviewed every day.

Now you’ve met the team behind the products, you can view our full list of this month’s Special Offers by clicking here.