The Power of Plant Oils this Winter

  • Facial oils protect your skin for long periods of time by locking in water and moisture that can be eroded by harsh weather and indoor heating
  • Manuka Doctor Replenishing Oil features 16 Omega rich oils from a variety of plant sources
  • Proven in independent trials to make skin look more luminous and younger-looking

As we head into the colder months with the heating kicking in, our skin can often feel dry and its appearance dull-looking. If you haven’t considered a facial oil until now, then now is most definitely the time to re-think about adding one to your skincare regime. Facial oils are a great way to rehydrate the complexion, whilst boosting radiance and skin firmness.

Since ancient times, people have extracted the oil from plant kernels, fruits and seeds and used them to care for skin. The composition of most natural plant-based oils is similar to the lipids of human skin and absorbed into the skin’s hydrolipid layer where they can be metabolized by our body, leading to highly nourished, healthy-looking skin.

Don't be put off about oils being greasy or increasing breakouts. The Manuka Doctor Replenishing Oil will work its magic without a greasy side effect and is quickly absorbed. Even oily and blemish prone skin can be improved and rebalanced. Facial oils protect your skin for long periods of time by locking in water and moisture that can be eroded by harsh weather and indoor heating.

The Replenishing Oil is packed with powerful antioxidants from 16 botanical omega-rich oils and has been clinically proven, in independent trials, to make skin look more luminous, younger-looking whilst reducing fine lines. Long term benefits include reduced wrinkle depth, increased firmness and skin elasticity.

“This oil has got to be the best in the market, leaves your skin feeling and looking amazing, would highly recommend this to anyone looking for softer younger looking skin.”
Marie T

The star performing ingredient in this skin hero product is Manuka oil. It is an amazing and potent active, renowned for its anti-inflammatory, microbial and bacterial properties and proven effective in combating bacteria associated with acne and eczema. Manuka oil is cold pressed from the leaves of the Manuka plant, known for its powerful antibacterial properties.

Another hero ingredient within the Replenishing Oil is Avocado oil which gives fast penetrating and highly nourishing benefits. There are also many other oils carefully blended into this formula from leading beauty favourite - Rosehip oil, which provides regenerating and rejuvenating properties thanks to its natural retinoic acid content, a derivative of vitamin A. To Grape, Evening primrose and Black currant seed oils. Mother Nature certainly does know best when it comes to beauty ingredients!

With over 100 five star-rated customer reviews, you can be sure that this oil will really make a difference. Just look at the feedback we regularly receive:

“Absolutely brilliant face oil. I have been using this for around 3 years and cannot fault it. It is great for my sensitive skin and the glow it gives is second to none. Brilliant all year round and an instant skin calmer which also helps to fade scars as well.”
Rachelle A
‘Beautiful facial oil, from first use, leaves skin soft, supple, bouncy and glowing and smells fantastic, highly recommend.'
April C 51-60yrs
‘I don’t feel dressed without this oil now! It makes my skin feel soft, giving me the confidence to seize the day without any makeup on! I can’t live without it.'
Karen O 51-60yrs

To use any facial oil, a top tip is to make sure you exfoliate regularly so it can sink right in to get maximum benefit. Try massaging your skin with upward strokes, this will increase blood flow and help move and drain any excess puffiness. Just use 2-3 drops of oil each time, remember a little goes a long way. You can mix it with your moisturizer for speed and if you wish also apply to your hands, elbows and around the eye area.