Tried Tested & Loved - A New Way To Select The Best Product For You

When you’re buying a product for your health or wellbeing the recommendation of friends and family plays a huge part.

Many customers tell us on the phone how much they love a particular cream, serum or grade of our genuine Manuka Honey. And we sell a lot of products based purely on the recommendation of others.

You may have already seen that we have reviews under each product on the website, all featuring genuine verified reviews from our customers.

We love reading your reviews and seeing your photos.

And now we are bringing out a new top standard for our products. Called the “Tried, Tested and Loved” stamp for our very top rated lines.

To be awarded this stamp, the product must:
Be ranked one of our top sellers in the last 12 months
Have more than 50 independent customer reviews
Have a review average of more than 4.5 stars

This means that products awarded the Tried Tested and Loved stamp are the very best of the Manuka Doctor range – as voted for by you.

You will see the Tried Tested and Loved stamp start to appear on some of our most popular and well reviewed honeys, like the 4.9 star rated 70MGO – which 581 customers have reviewed. As well as our most loved skincare products including the popular Cashmere Touch Cream, Age-Defying Eye Cream and Replenishing Oil.

If you’ve got a favourite product, don’t forget to leave a review to share your experience with others. Look out for the Tried Tested and Loved stamp on products from today.