Ways to Enjoy Manuka honey

Mother Nature provides pretty much everything we need in order to sustain not only just life, but a really healthy life.  And before you go too far into trying to outwit me, try to think of something that she really can’t.  If we wanted, we could produce enough electricity from the wind, sun and waves.  Our computers and smart phones are composed of rare earth elements.  The list is really endless.

But, let’s take it back to just you.  I often write of the health benefits of Manuka honey and how even a teaspoon a day can help with anything from sore throats to coughs, wound healing, along with it’s anti bacterial, anti viral and anti-oxidant potential. 

However, I hardly ever write about to use this amazing substance.  For example, one can just eat it out of the jar.  OK, that works and is quick and easy.  But what about incorporating it into meals or even a drink?

Manuka honey is a natural sweetener and since everyone is starting to understand the importance of limiting sugar, instead of just adding Manuka honey into your diet, try to find ways in which you can substitute it.  For instance, instead of using sugar in your coffee or tea, why not throw in your daily dose right there?

Instead of jam on your toast/bagel/croissant (carbohydrate of your choosing) in the morning, try substituting with Manuka honey?   I would bet you that you could find many places where you use sugar that you could just replace with Manuka honey. 

How about those smoothies? I am a big fan of pure vegetable smoothies; but many people throw in beets or carrots to sweeten the taste and make it more palatable.  I would recommend switching out those two veggies in favor of a teaspoon of Manuka honey - plus it will increase the health benefits you get from that delicious drink.

Here is one you probably have never thought of - try using it in your hair. Manuka honey contains several anti oxidants that help to keep your scalp healthy and to boost hair growth - things both men and women can agree on.  Because Manuka honey has antibacterial properties, it is effective against dandruff as well as scalp infections without those nasty chemicals in those dandruff shampoos.

Artisanal cocktail bars are all the rage.  Many of the recipes use honey.  I would venture a guess that an easy substitution would be Manuka honey.  I am not an expert on these types of drinks but I do see my friends ordering elaborate cocktails.  I bet it would take the place of simple syrup (which is just melted sugar and water) in a margarita for example.  And of course, there is always a hot toddy where Manuka honey would make a great substitute for the sweetener of your choice because of it’s healing properties. 

I encourage you to give this some thought as to how to incorporate Manuka honey into your recipes - both food and drink and then let me know what your favorite way to take your daily serving of Manuka honey is.

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